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Gummadi Education started operations in 2006 and created a market for others to follow. It is the oldest organization of its kind with the biggest market share and deepest market penetration. Over the years, Gummadi has been able to garner a loyal following among its students and their families, who swear by Gummadi's superlative and unparalleled products and services.

Our commitment to always deliver the best and to deliver more than expected has won us our reputation of being the BEST.

We adhere to the most rigorous instructor standards in the nation. Prior to receiving class assignments, our instructors have to successfully complete an extensive live training program in which they need to demonstrate facility for Gummadi strategies and techniques. It is mandatory for all faculty members to take the exams themselves. This ensures that each faculty member is in perfect sync with the exam pattern and the associated time constraints, which in turn, enables each faculty member to give the best possible guidance to students regarding preparation and time management techniques.

We define a narrow syllabus band and guarantee that nothing beyond its scope will be asked in the exam. The idea is for students to utilise their time only on relevant material.

Gummadi's study material is comprehensive and exhaustive and yet it defines a narrow syllabus so that students do not waste time going through a lot of unnecessary study material. Our material ensures that students are more than adequately prepared for the exams.

Gummadi has a list of 1800 words that is much shorter than any vocabulary list available in the market yet it is also the most comprehensive. Moreover, our unique vocabulary teaching methodology ensures speedy learning of this list.

When our students find themselves stuck with a particular question, they do not have to wait until their next class to get help. Personal assistance from the concerned faculty is available at all centres.

Gummadi's R&D team has prepared full length tests which students can practice at their convenience in our centers or at home.

Gummadi students have access to the On site Resource Center, where they can read exclusive books pertaining to the exam. Gummadi computer labs are fully equipped with PCs and software necessary for students to take practice tests.

Gummadi has a unique R&D team that is always working towards improving the teaching methods and problem solving techniques, customizing them for the Indian student. The Gummadi R&D team keeps track of recent trends of questions in the exams and implements changes in the course material and instruction method accordingly.

While counselling students, we make use of Gummadi's large database of students who have gone abroad through us since 2006. This helps us decide on the right college for you based on our experience with our former students.