UKStudent Life

Student Life

Many international students come to United Kingdom for its superlative education programs. Students may find many changes headed for UK culture can draw international students towards new experiences. Students can instantaneously discern the serenity, passivity and compliance in the country. As the streets and colonies are clean and tidy with bountiful of trees and flowers one can easily get attracted towards them.

Education in UK is a demanding and challenging but it could discharge all your requirements. It has a long history of welcoming international students to study in its universities and colleges.

As per 2007-08 statistics (Source: The Guardian, UK), European Union countries contributed only 1,12,150 students, whereas non-EU have contributed 2,29,640 — more than double!

Among all international students, 81,480 opted for PG degrees, whereas 52,705 opted for their first degrees.

Academic Life in UK

With a cheerful cosmopolitan society, UK offers an outstanding learning environment that is widely renowned all over the world. International students come to UK typically to pursue their undergraduate or post-graduation courses. Many universities and colleges in UK welcome new students through organizing various events before commencing the academic course, so that students can make new friends regardless to their nations. Besides, various social and cultural activities are often run for international students throughout the year. UK universities facilitate several clubs and societies that are accessible for all the students to get involved.


Living in UK — International Students

For international students it is quite easy to develop a varied and interesting lifestyle in Britain. With an extensive student discounts and so many of the cities most appealing attractions being free, you'll always find ways to make your money go further. Living in UK will increase the value of your studies.

Students coming from different nations have a lot of things to perceive and learn from UK. When students arrive to UK, they have to get awareness about all the costs that are to be incurred. Usually students preferring to live off-campus will choose to live in shared housing and make use of public transportation networks such as electric trains, tubes, buses.

Every university in UK has their student union that organizes several extra curricular activities like, theatre performances, movies nights and quiz nights. Besides, there are various clubs and sports in every university that varies from football, volleyball to painting, movies and etc, which are mostly run through university unions. It is a great way to meet other students and get involved in campus life.

Students Accommodation

UK universities facilitate on-campus accommodation for all the international students for the first year. There will be an accommodation officer in every university who accommodation that better suits your requirements and budget. As the demand for UK higher education is steadily increasing, students have to apply early for the on-campus accommodation. Else students can live in off-campus accommodation. Usually universities provide accommodation in residence halls, privately owned flats and houses or home stay with a UK family. Living on-campus is a good source to meet with other students and build amity with them. Deciding where you live have a great impact on how much you enjoy your studies in UK. Therefore choose your home vigilantly.

Health Care and Wellness Living

International students have to get prepared for the extremely new conditions. It may be difficult to get personalized in the first few days. Students can avail premium health care facility accessible at affordable costs. As an international student you can acquire this facility and it is also valid for the dependents of the students from abroad. International students are entitled to get free medical treatments from National Health Service (NHS) (not valid for below 6 months study program).

Tourism & Traveling

Many students come to UK for its eminent educational programs and enjoy the exciting adventures in their life. Apart from high quality of education one can acquire the world's beautiful tourist destinations. While staying in UK, students can make the most of the admirable traveling network to visit around the British Isles and continental Europe. As a student they get a wide variety of discounts and cheap deals, making the opportunity to explore even more accessible.

The following universities attracted most international students

  • University of Manchester— 8,345

  • University of Nottingham — 7,710

  • University of Warwick — 7,430

  • London Metropolitan University — 7,115

Incidentally, 20% of all degrees in UK were granted to international students

  • China has sent the largest number of students — 49,595 (42% increase)

  • India is next with 23,835 (24% increase)

  • USA third, with 15,955 (8% increase)

  • Scotland has attracted 17% of international students, whereas

  • England has attracted 15%

  • Wales — 14% and

  • Northern-Ireland — 11%

  • Engineering and Technology is the most sought after program with 31% opting for the same.

  • Business Administration is the next program with 29%,

  • Computer Science—20%

  • Law attracted 19% of the international students.