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International students seeking to work in Australia after their education have to apply for the work permit from DIAC (Department of Immigration and Citizenship).

As in the US and UK, students who go to Australia for full-time studies can work up to 20 hours per week part-time. However, spouses of students can work for unlimited time, if the student goes for Masters level education. Spouses of other students can only work up to 20 hours.

Another advantage for the students is that they could obtain a Work Permit along with the student visa itself, for which the total fee is AUS $540 (may be changed from time to time)

All international students have to apply for and obtain Tax File Number (TFN) before applying for a job in Australia - even part-time job. Obtaining TFN is easy, since that can be done online, once the student reaches Australia.

When the student visa is received, the government lets one in on basis of temporary entry for study with the understanding that one will leave upon completion of course and before the visa will expire. However, Australia continues to have demand for foreign workers, and students that have earned a degree in Australia have a special work visa category. There are also several other visa categories open to international students, and Australia has a very straightforward path to permanent residency using a points system . If one wants to stay and work after one graduate, one must apply and obtain a work visa.

Categories of visa

  • dot 485 Skilled Graduate Temporary Visa - This visa is the most common option available to international students after graduating.

  • dot 442 Occupational Trainee Visa - Another option for international students, the 442 visa is for students to improve their work skills for up to two years while being sponsored by an employer.

  • dot 487 Regional Sponsored Visa - This visa provides a pathway for permanent residency while allowing one to work for 3 years and work in a specialized regional area.

  • dot 887 Skilled Regional Residence Visa - The 887 visa awards one permanent residency and with this one can live and work in Australia permanently. One must have already lived in Australia for two years, have a year of work experience and have sufficient points.

  • dot 885 Skilled Independent Residence Visa - The 885 visa allows one to live as a permanent resident and work without needing to be sponsored.

  • dot 886 Skilled Sponsor Resident Visa - The 886 visa allows an overseas student to apply for permanent residency and work while being sponsored by an employer.

Students Searching for a Job

Many universities and colleges in Australia provide a special service called Job Access that helps students to find a good position in the job market. Apart from that students can also find the jobs in newspaper, online and from events and job fairs.

There will be Employment Officer in many universities to help students look for part-time work, most of which is non-professional, such as waiting on tables, cleaning or sales. Students may find casual work picking and packaging fruits and vegetables on local farms but such work is not guaranteed.

n Australia it is very easy and also difficult as well to get employed for the international students. Many students are able to get a job after spending certain time, if they are good in speaking English. If you are good in speaking English earlier, then you can obviously find good opportunities. It is for sure that only immigrants can acquire a full time job.

Many tertiary institutions have a career service. They advertise job vacancies, help their students to find work and give information on writing applications and approved payment rates. Employment centers at institutions advertise a range of jobs. You can also find work through newspaper advertisements, an employment agency or the government's national employment service, Job Network.

Work-place for International Students

Students can also get a job in their field of education and this will build a good platform for their career and helps them after completion of their academics. Even the country encourages the students with preceding professional skills. There is high possibility for the merit students to get Permanent Residence in Australia.

Many universities and colleges are now accommodating the job market by changing the study curriculum in order to place the students in good positions. In this process, students will be recruited as a trainee during their final semester and after completion of their academics they will be appointed permanently.

Tax File Number TF TFN is an 8 or 9 digit number issued by the Australian Taxation Office ATO to each taxpayer to identify their Australian tax transactions. As an employee in Australia it is compulsory to apply for the tax number and pay tax for the income accordingly. You can apply for a Tax File Number through any newsagent or post office to work in Australia. It is better to contact the Australian tax office about their requirements and processes.